Her Story of Faith. Meet Michelle... March 11, 2016

Seems like it was just yesterday that the word FAITH became so real.  I was loading up in the car with my family to find out who's bet was right. I saw a tiny little body on the screen and a heart that was racing. I remember asking the sonographer if everything was ok. She replied that my doctor would go over the sono with me. We continued laughing and talking about how my husband was already planning his hunting wardrobe. We named him Piercen. His Sissy loved that name. The sonographer wiped the gel off my belly and told us to go to the waiting room and my doctor would follow up with me. The waiting room was full of big beautiful bellies. Sissy stared at her little brother and asked me a million and one questions about what makes him a boy and her a girl...(deep breaths on those questions). 

.....and then the nurse opened the door and said Mrs. Hudgeons, the doctor needs to talk to you. My heart hit the floor. I asked if my family could come and she said not now....she needs to talk to you. She walked me to the sono room. Pictures of my Piercen were scattered all over the table. Too many pictures to even fathom. My doctor wrapped her arms around me and said, "things are not good." I couldn't stand. I couldn't breathe. I was broken. Shattered. As if someone dropped a glass vase on tile floor. That glass vase was me. 

She started telling me things like "lemon sign", and "hydrocephalus", and "split spine", "wheelchair", "clubbed feet", "trach", "chari malformation" and "no kidneys", "no bladder".... and that I was the first patient they had seen that had ever received this diagnosis. All these things she was telling me were coming at me like cars on a freeway. I understood nothing. I was blank. I was alone. I told her I needed my family. 

My family came in. I looked at my husband, momma, mother-in-law, and daughter. Their face showed fear. They knew something wasn't okay. The doctor asked if our daughter needed to stay and I said yes. She needed to know why her mommy was broken. The doctor told them everything......everything after that is a blur. 

My husband picked me up and helped me walk out the door. I didn't sleep... for days...when I would dose off, everything replayed in my head. I woke up thinking maybe it was all a dream. It wasn't. It was real. 

We needed prayer. We needed an army of prayer. We needed to know that things were going to be okay. That our family was going to be okay. We needed strength to keep going. We needed wisdom to make decisions. We needed patience as we waited for the next report. We needed peace and understanding to know that God had everything already laid out for us. 

Over the next 5 months, that day replayed over and over in my head. At each and every doctor's visit, news just seemed to get worse. Several doctors encouraged abortion. We chose life for Piercen. 

Here we are 2 years later. He is here. He has kidneys (that work perfect), a bladder (that is working like a champ), no clubbed feet (his feet are formed perfect and wiggle from time to time), with hydrocephalus (that is managed with a shunt), a chari malformation (that is so slight that the doctors said it is barely malformed), no trach, thriving, talking, rolling in his wheelchair, eating, laughing, smiling,....and inspiring lives all across this world through his Facebook prayer page, Prayers for Piercen. 

As I look back to January 28, 2014, I am so grateful for the blessing that took place in that dark, cold room. Could I have told you that 2 years or so ago. Probably not. But something I have learned on this Journey, is that if we choose to turn our trials into joy, our God will bless us more than our hearts can fathom. I do not know what each day will hold for us. But what I do know, is that it isn't for me to control. I can't. It's for God's hands. I have learned to give each day, each doctor's visit, and every ounce of fear to him. I have learned to choose faith over fear. He graciously shows us blessing upon blessing. Two years ago I was scared at what life would be like for our daughter. Her life is better because of it. She asked Jesus into her heart on a swing in her Mamaw's backyard; she has witnessed to several children at her school, and she loves in a way that inspires me every day.  

I can't imagine our lives without Piercen. He is our angel baby. The blessing we never knew we needed.  “Do not be afraid, only believe.”Mark 5:36


Join Michelle's journey, be encouraged by her faith and heart! 

(Personal) IG: MichelleHudgeons
(Prayers for Piercen) IG: Prayersforpiercen
BLOG: Smitten with First


Brittany AShmore 03/12 at 06:46 PM

God is SO good!!!!! Praise God you chose life for P!!!!!!!!

Donna 03/11 at 05:47 PM

Thank you for sharing your sweet Piercen with us, and y’all’s journey. Love looking at his pics and reading your posts. I pray for your sweet and precious red head. Love in Christ

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