Aimee | 25 Things About Me! October 10, 2016


Hi there!

I decided to give this a try as it not only seemed like fun, but because I thought it would be nice to let you know a little more about me. I don't know if these are particularly interesting, but I tried to make it as honest and real as possible :)


1. I LOVE complimenting people. It makes my heart happy to see the way someone's eyes light up or their shy, surprised smile from something so honest, yet so simple. 


2. I run into things. A lot. I've lived in my house for 15 years, yet I still will find a way to face greet the wall. 
3. My dream car is a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback. I've wanted one in cherry red since I was 13 years old and my adoration of them has not changed throughout all these years.
4. I've never watched The Notebook 🙈 I've tried several times but I always fall asleep somewhere in the middle. 
5. I LOVE church services. I find so much joy doing Bible studies and listening to Pastor Jack doin' his thing. I always feel so pumped after his sermons. CCCH has been such a blessing to me. 
6. Two years ago my best friend finally convinced me to go to a hockey game with her and she successfully turned me into an LA Kings fan. I'm borderline addicted. 
7. I love people. If I met you, even once, we're friends. That's it. You have no choice. You're stuck with me. I will love you from that moment on. 
8. If you tell me good news, I'm going to want to celebrate it with you. My sister is CONSTANTLY talking me out of bringing people balloons or cupcakes. Happiness is contagious and I want to keep sharing it! 
9. Simple or handmade gifts are my favorite. My dear friend bought me my favorite cereal once and i cried. I CRIED. 
10. I don't have one clue how to do my makeup. The amount of hours I've put in watching makeup tutorials should have made a difference but I still end up with mascara on my eyelids somehow 😂
11. I'm a scatter brain. I can't stay on one subject. One minute we can be talking about your shoes and then I'll end up asking how your grandmother is. I'm not even sure how the topic change reached that point but here we are!
12. I can't walk in heels. My 5'8 frame resembles much of a newborn giraffe when I slip some pumps on. I'm much more comfortable in sneakers. 
13. I used to be obsessed with leopard print. Leopard print pillows, leopard print shoes, leopard print blankets... I have not fully escaped this dreadful phase teenage Aimee went through as my phone case is still currently leopard. I am ridden with shame. 
14. I know all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. I am the world's worst rapper but I will belt it out anyway. Your ears have been warned. 
15. This girl is crazy about Snickers. Buy me a Snickers and I'm yours. Seriously, it's that easy. 
16. I've broken the same toe 5 times. Once I dropped a snow globe on it, another time it snapped during practice, and most recently my dog stepped on it funky. I'm still not entirely sure what happened there. 
17. Fall is my favorite season. Nothing makes me happier than cold evenings by the fireplace, reading and drinking hot cocoa. It's a dream. Literally. I live in SoCal. 
18. When I'm reaaaaally angry, I throw things. But not well. My brother finds great joy in this. I have no aim whatsoever. I once tossed my cup AND my sandwich at him and missed. Horribly. By three feet. 
19. Crime detective shows and superhero shows are my favorite. I'm currently in a Psych and The Flash binge watching spree. 
20. I'm a half and half. 50% Mexican and 50% Irish. I have tried several times to pick up Spanish (not so much Gaelic) and have nothing to offer for it. Dora the Explorer taught me how to count to ten but that's the extent of my skills. 😂
21. I love babysitting! I don't have much time for this nowadays and sometimes it really bums me out. It's such an honor to have been incorporated into so many families lives and to be trusted with their littles. Nothing makes me quite as happy as hearing those tiny voices call my name as they run out to greet me.
22. I figure most of you know this but for those that don't, I'm also a photographer! I love capturing moments in life and I love helping frame memories! I figure this goes hand in hand for my love of munchkins and people. I love chasing kids around to get their silly smiles or asking a couple how they met and capturing that sparkle in their eyes. Life is so neat.
23. One of my favorite memories is from my sixteenth birthday. My dad had saved up money in a sock for an entire year to buy me a big, ol' fancy camera. I was in shock for a full hour. It still tugs on my heart strings. I couldn't be more grateful for my parents. God blessed me BIG with those two.
24. I'm a big sister times three. I'm the oldest of four. I have a seventeen-year-old brother, a fifteen-year-old sister, and my baby sister is nine. Most times they like me, other times I embarrass them :) Ha, I love those kiddies to pieces. 
25. My most favorite point on here: I love Jesus. It's kind of an obvious thing considering I run a print shop ministry but I'll say it whenever I get the chance. I've got a burning deep in my soul. I'm on fire for Jesus. I've found hope, peace, and genuine joy through my Savior and I'm here to share it! 
Janel 10/10 at 05:12 PM

Absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing a little bit of you.

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