Hearing the call of God in my life, rewind to last year. September 17, 2015

I was listening to a wonderful study today by my Pastor. It is his series through the book of 1 Samuel. I wish I could curl up on a chair in Starbucks with my headphones on and my laptop open, writing down every thing that the Lord speaks through him, to me. But I am a mom of three, so that's just not going to happen. Instead, I listen to each sermon like 4 times before moving on to the next one, only to go back and listen again. 

The one today is called "Hearing the call of God on your life - Part 1". 
Before I go further, you can order the series HERE. If you want to be radically blessed and changed, get it!! Especially you mamas out there. 

One year ago, this month, I was driving in my car pondering where I stood with the Lord. Newly recommitted and almost invisible. By that, I mean, I did not speak up or stand out. I had no drive to share Jesus or even proclaim my faith. I just was. And it was lonely. 
Back to the car - I was driving and the Lord flooded my heart with a desire. The minute it hit, I was so excited I could not contain myself!! 

Faith-based shirts, for littles! 

Me, a stay-at-home mom, no business experience, no wholesale experience, let alone, printing experience, felt called to make shirts. 

He provided it all. I literally did nothing. He brought the print press, supplied the funds, designs, everything. And when the storms hit, often and hard, He also provided an umbrella of encouragement and love. 

One year ago I had no idea that He was calling me and preparing me to be a missionary right where I stood. I had no idea that these tee's that were being printed and prayed over in my KITCHEN, would end up across the world. 
But that is just it. We don't know what He can do, when we are willing to listen and step out in faith. 

God already had a plan and purpose for us before we were born. But we must be WILLING!! 
I encourage you, if you are wondering where you stand with the Lord, if you are feeling invisible too, pray. Continue to pray. Ask Him to lead and guide you. Let go of the fear of what and where that might be, because let me tell you, it will be exactly where He wants it to be and if you are seeking His will and His desires for your life, they too, will become yours. 

In His joy,  


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