...but I'm a mess! February 02, 2016

Peter was essentially Jesus’ best friend. One of three to always be with the Lord. When Jesus met Peter, He renamed him. Jesus knew what a brute, stubborn, hard headed man Peter was. That did not stop Jesus. Nor did Jesus try to change Peter. He knew that Peter would mature in his timing, which lined up perfectly with God’s timing. We may look at Peter and be like “Seriously, dude?!” He had the faith to walk on water. But I can’t help and wonder if part of him stepping out was to be a show off. We know that he had a tendency to compare himself to the others. The story of Peter walking on water has delivered me through many storms:
Regardless of Peters motives, we know that Jesus already knew how it would play out. Jesus also knew that 2k+ years later, there would be a Jena who would hear this story in Jr. High and it would be something that molded her into the Godly woman she would one day become. (Yep, I just spoke in the 3rd person, need coffee!) Peter argued with Jesus that there was no way he would deny Him...Peter fell asleep when Jesus asked him more than once to be watching and praying over Jesus. 

Peter cut off the soldiers ear after Jesus had already told him what was to come...Peter must have though that he single handedly would intervene and deliver Jesus. Not realizing that Jesus was there to deliver him! (And you. And me.) And then Peter denied Christ THREE times. 
Mark 16:15, just before Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, He commanded His disciples to go into all the world and share the gospel. And that is EXACTLY what Peter did.

We all share the same calling, we just wear it differently. And so I am extremely excited to see what the Lord does with our willing and eager hearts. I can tell you I am sure my Pastor had no idea that sharing the 5% poll two weeks ago would plant a seed in my heart to go and call us all out, in the name of Jesus. We don’t know how the Lord can be reaching others through our words, our hearts to serve, or boldness to proclaim that JESUS saves.

But what I know is that when we submit ourselves to His calling, immerse ourselves in His promises, and truly understand that on our own we are all a bunch of HOT MESSES…it is then that He takes and does mighty things through us for Him. Whether we see/know it or not. PLANT THEM SEEDS!! INCREASE THE 5!! Understand that you are never going to be perfect here on earth, so -



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