Burdened with a Glorious Purpose. February 17, 2016

I remember this day like it was yesterday. The Beard and I took the littles to the beach. It was such a special time to see little foot prints in the same sand that I grew up around. As the sun began to set the water began to rise. I watched as it crept up a little higher with each crashing wave. 
I am not sure where my Beard was at the time but all of a sudden fear paralyzed me and took my breath away. The image of my three littles getting swept up and pulled out, flashed before my eyes. IT FELT SO REAL. 
All I could think is, there are 3 of them, 1 of me, with only 2 arms to grab. I could hear myself shouting out to the Lord for help. Of course this startled everyone, because nothing had happened. Nothing was happening. 
B U T!!!!
Something is happening!!! Each day that passes, my children are getting that much closer to the age of accountability. Each day that passes, they are getting closer to the day that they will need to make the decision for THEMSELVES, who they will serve. 
God revealed to me in that moment how IMPORTANT it is to raise my children with a love for Jesus that CANNOT be shaken. The need to dedicate them in prayer constantly. The need to live a life that replicates the love of Jesus, to be proof of the power of prayer and faith. 
Should my babies go home to be with Jesus today, I know where they will go. But there will be a day that I will not know unless I am doing my diligence as a believer, as the wife+mom God has called me to be, TODAY. 

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