Be Healthy May 03, 2017

You are what you eat from your head down to your feet. Remember learning that in grade school? It's true! If you eat a bunch of junk food, that tastes good going in but takes up residence as unwanted bumps, tucks and rolls in various locations on your body. But you are like "that's not true, I exercise every day and I look great! I can eat anything I want!" Goodness yes! You do look fabulous ON THE OUTSIDE. How is your body doing inside? Running on optimal thrusters? What damage is all that fake food doing to your cells, circulatory system, your liver, yada yada yada? "But I take vitamins! I use special oils! I use this amazing whatever & I am healthy!" You can bandaid your health as much as you want and justify it to yourself however it helps you to sleep at night. The truth still remains that the cleaner you eat the better your temple for God will run. He gave you what you need to keep your body healthy. Real food. It's the same with your soul. It needs to be fed. Don't keep giving it just a taste of goodness and filling it up with drivel. All the "junk" you take in reading, listening to and watching just fills time in your day not in your heart. If you have time to spend watching the Kardashians, you have time for The Word of God. We need to be invested in the study of it! Yes, we can attend church on Sunday and hear The Word taught to us and that is good for our soul!! It fills us up and it's wonderful!! That is a healthy spiritual meal! We can add reading a devotional, listen to worship music and maybe scroll through some IG ministry chick's posts to take in our daily dose of spiritual vitamins. We need to remember though, even with all these great soul snacks available to us we need to spend time with our substance,The Lord most of all. Spend time feeding your soul His Good Word. Read your Bible. Really think deeply about what is being shared with you. Then talk with God. Ask Him questions! Share your hurts! Praise His name! He is listening. He keeps your spirit healthy. He is the bread of life! He is the living water! He is your soul's healthy food!!

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