Comparisons August 25, 2016


Just a simple reminder that while there is a girl over there who practically woke up gorgeous when you just screamed at your reflection this morning, or a girl who's business is going really well while you're still trying to figure out how you'll afford those groceries, or even that mom who somehow balances 5 kids, homeschooling, workouts, making fancy dinners AND blogging while you just spent the past five hours struggling to teach your little one how to read... she's comparing herself to someone too.

No happiness ever stems from comparison. Jealousy feeds anger and contempt. It's time to stop picking apart our reflections, stalking Instagrams, and living life in a box of torture. You are God's GREATEST treasure. He finds you magnificent and lovely. He VALUES every inch of you from your head to your toes, from your past to your future, from your bad days to your good days.

Comparison is an ugly thing. Find your peace in God and ask Him to deliver you from temptations of perfection. God does not love her any more than you because her house is clean, nor does He love you any less because you spent the past fifteen minutes crying in the closet. You are so WORTHY. You are so BEAUTIFUL. TRUST in Him to carry you.

Yeah, someone out there is killing it. But you are too! Someone is looking at you with those same eyes wondering how YOU do it. Have faith and be strong sister 💕


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