I Have Been Redeemed!! **NEW DESIGN** July 25, 2016


Doesn't that knowledge just fill your soul with JOY!! According to Ephesians 1:7 " In Him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that He lavished on us." And it's a FREE GIFT from God!! We just have to accept it!! We receive EVERY spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus!!

I see sin kinda like I am digging a hole. Every sin I commit is another scoop with the shovel. I, honestly and with some embarrassment, screw up ALOT because I was born with sin nature. Before you know it the hole is so deep I can't get out on my own. I try, but I am only human and this hole is now REALLY, REALLY DEEP.

I cry out to God, who hears my pleas. He offers His beloved son to take my hand and pull me out of the pit I made for myself. It's now my CHOICE. I can accept Him or not. He will not force me to abandon my pit.
I do choose Him, not only does he lift me from the situation I created myself, He then proceeds to fill that void with the Tree of Life! He waters that tree with LIVING WATER & it grows in ways we could never have imagined on our own!!

💜God is so GOOD!!💜

We have been REDEEMED.

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