Its all about Perspective April 26, 2017

What consumes your thoughts during the day?
Who or what is the object of your adoration?
Quickly, answer the first thing that pops in your mind. Do you have to pause and think? Could it be the kids extra curricular activities? Maybe the house just seems to be perpetually in chaos? Laundry is multiplying like rabbits and is about to bury your Maytag under all its little offspring of single socks with no match. Is it your marriage maybe? Do you spend all day wondering where that heated spark snuck off to because by the end of the day you are just too crazy exhausted to even strike a match in the passion department? Is it work, because you have a boss who does not value all the time and effort you put in to make things run smoothly? Where would this company be without you??? So many thoughts that dominate our minds throughout the day. Are any of them uplifting or do we tend to steer ourselves more toward self pity?
What about Jesus? Where is He in your life? Do you think about Him often and spend quality time with Him? Do you thank Him for the blessings He has bestowed on you?
Those little or bigger mini's that run around the house, thank you Jesus for trusting us to raise them & thank you for helping to find an outlet for all their extra energy! The house that seems to always be so full of stuff and people Lord God, we praise You for!! What a blessing to have such abundance in this world!! Thank you for washing machines Jesus!! Gathering all the clothes brings me so much joy because we are blessed with more than one outfit per person in our family! The laundromat or laundry room does all the hard work of cleaning the fabric and I am grateful! The blessing of a spouse Lord, someone to tackle the challenges of life with. Thank you!! I am thankful and I know the lack of energy is just a season. This is a trial but You are here with me and will help me rekindle that fervor in the private time with my spouse. I am so thankful You are here to help strengthen our marital union and be a light for others as we get through this physically exhausting season of life. Praises lifted high for the opportunity of employment Jesus!! The gift of a job!! May my work habits reflect the joy I have found in You. Earthly thanks do not always come, but I know Lord that when I work to the best of my abilities I am shining for You!
💛I love You Lord!
Thank You for bringing me a cheerful perspective today, for I am lavishly blessed. I am thankful for every breath that fills my lungs for it gives me another chance to praise Your holy name. Praising You fills my life with extraordinary joy! May You be my focus in everything!! Jesus, You are my eternal devotion. Consume my thoughts Lord, consume my life.

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