Jesus broke the bread before He multiplied it. September 30, 2017


YOU GUYS. I was rereading Matthew this morning and I have no idea how I missed this all these years. Jesus broke the bread before He multiplied it. 
My pastor once reminded us of the phrase "stop and smell the roses." Roses smell beautiful, but most of the time you have to stick your nose in the flower before you can actually catch the scent. Now, when you take that flower in your hand and crush it, the essence of the rose is that much stronger! That light, fruity aroma can fill a room! Sometimes life is like that. Sometimes God has to break us before He can truly use us.

I'm just in awe. How absolutely cool is it to know that He takes even the broken parts of us that we're ashamed of, or the things that weigh us down, and finds ways to use it for His glory! 
He takes the broken pieces of our hearts and makes a mosaic out of them. He takes the walls we hid behind and helps us climb over them. He uses our most broken moments as stepping stones and pulls us closer to him. 
Trust in His process. Broken can be beautiful too.


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