John 13 March 15, 2017

The two big things I love about John 13:
1️⃣ Jesus gave Judas a chance. He called him out more than once. He did so both publicly and privately. The first time Jesus mentions it while washing his disciples feet. Shortly after He's like "alright guys, check it out-someone here is gonna betray me." In my head Jesus raises an eyebrow and nudges Judas with his elbow along with that statement 😂. The last time, Jesus does so privately. He handed Judas the dipped bread. Now, yes, the other disciples were there, but no one really understood what had just happened. They were clueless. This was another opportunity for Judas to do what's right, but while he had the Ultimate gift before him, Judas felt his real treasure was silver.

2️⃣ Jesus A L R E A D Y forgave his persecutors. He KNEW what Peter and what Judas would do. He knew Peter would deny him and he knew Judas would sell him out. BUT you know what? He followed through anyway! Why? He tells us shortly after! Because He loves us! Just as he knew the sins those two would commit, He knows of the sins and pains we would cause Him. Jesus made a choice that day and He decided YOU were worth his sacrifice.

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