Let it Go April 07, 2017

Leave the past in the past.

It's so on my heart lately to remember this.

I'm a sinner through and through. I have daily battles with my flesh and I t r y with all my might to fight the good fight. Yet, sometimes, I still fail.

My past easily creeps up on me and I can get so very lost in it. I love reflecting on happy moments and fond memories, but they can sometimes branch into temptation. Finding the joy in the past isn't the problem, it becomes a mistake when I find myself wishing I was back in it.

Don't allow memories or emotions to influence you. These things will only distract you from the present. They will keep you in the cycle of sin and only lead to heartache.

We recall these moments in time for the same reasons we study history: to learn from them, not to relive them.

The past is behind us for a reason. Staying in the past, or reverting to how things used to be, demolishes all the growth we've worked so hard for. I'm not the same person I was seven years ago and I'm not the same person I was two weeks ago. We're constantly learning and we're constantly climbing the ladder; keep going forward, not backward.

The past, good and bad, shaped who we are now, but it does not define us.

If you also struggle with living in the past, I encourage you to pray. Grab the issue, take it to the Lord, deal with it and move on. It's not always simple, but we need to trust in HIS process. He has GOOD things in store for you. He closed those doors because he knew what was behind them and had a better path for you.

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