Praise Him Through All The Daily Battles August 02, 2016

Wow. Some days doesn't it just feel like the enemy has you surrounded and is ready to pounce at any given opening? Even with how your day may start, there he is tripping you up. For example, the alarm goes off. You realize that you have over slept! You hurriedly swing your feet off the bed only to find you have firmly planted them on either little Lego pieces or tiny Barbie fashion accessories that send a silent signal of pain shooting through your body and may result in an unchoice word slipping from your lips. Grrr!! Now you hobble to the coffee maker to get that Java jumping only to have your favorite mug slide through your fingers and shatter on the floor. Double grrr!! No time to dawdle, have to hurry and get ready or the kiddos will be late for school!! Your favorite shirt is in the dryer Gotta grab it!! Oh no. It is sopping wet. You forgot to turn on the dryer last night! Triple grrr with a side of UGH!!!

We have all had those days. We just need to remember our Savior has this! We can turn every one of those moments into a reason to PRAISE!! It's all about perspective. Just try it! It will change your day from GRR to shouting PRAISE!! It's awesome!! Here we go: Thank you God that I slept so well, I must know that I am secure. Thank you Lord for the little toys my children have, enough that they can forget when they have misplaced a few. It is a blessing when so many kids have none. Thank you God that the nerves in my feet work so well when there are some who pray to feel ANYTHING in theirs. God, thank you for all the clothes in my dryer when many have only one outfit or they wish they had someone to buy clothes for. I am so thankful for my dryer too!! It is a luxury that I do not take for granted!! Lord as I pick up broken pieces of this mug, may I remember that I was once this broken. I didn't think I was of any value to anyone anymore, but then You came into my life and changed me into something beautiful! Lord God, where would I be without You? Thank you for reminding me with all these little hints, just how much YOU LOVE ME & BLESS ME EVERYDAY!! May I spend the rest of the day shining for You!! All GLORY, HONOR &PRAISE TO YOU JESUS!

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