Praise His Name!! August 04, 2016

"Let EVERYTHING that has breath PRAISE the Lord, PRAISE THE LORD!!" Psalm 150:6 (emphasis mine)
Jesus joyfully came to shed His beautiful blood because HE LOVES US!! He wants us to be close to God, and all we have to do is accept His sacrifice! Let's be real, we were dead before we met Jesus. Dead inside because it was all about ourself. "Gonna look out for number one! Yep, it's all about me, me, me! I want. I need. I deserve. I feel." A ton of "I's" in that way of thinking. Then Jesus comes into our heart. SWEET JESUS, filled our heart anew!! We changed! We are BORN AGAIN! We are a NEW CREATION!!! Now all we want to do is to LIVE FOR HIM!!
Oh friends, let's never forget that unexplainable JOY of when we first accepted Jesus into our lives!! That phenomenal fire that lit inside our soul and began to shine so bright for the world to see!! Let's go out and share that with others!!!
Plant those seeds today!!
Jesus loves us so much!!

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