Quiet Time With God October 02, 2017

Quiet time with God is so vitally important. It is really difficult to learn too. We live in a world that is so over stimulated all the time. How do we shut off the constant noise that fills our world and our minds? How do we focus on giving God our very best and full attention. 🤔 I would suggest a quiet place, one with fewer distractions. When you have littles, a job with a commute or just responsibilities in general it can mean getting up 30 minutes before life begins to spend that quiet time with God. Sit at the kitchen table, curl up on the couch, sit outside on your porch as the sun rises...wherever you find peace, start there. It says in Psalms 46:10 " Be still, and know that I am God." Be still...insert deep breath...easier said than done. Where to start? First, sit down with intention. Don't just find a moment, MAKE an appointment with Jesus. Maybe the thought of sitting quietly for 30 minutes in reflection just makes your skin crawl. Then start with 5. Work your way up to more time spent in quiet pensiveness. Time with the Creator should not be torture. Remember, this is a love relationship. Time invested only makes your bond stronger. 

So now we found time, what do we do with it? Personally, when I can't shut my mind off to listen to The Lord, I open my Bible. Try reading a few passages & see where they lead you. It's always important to hear the word of God, that's how we get to know Him better. He already knows everything about us, but we will never know enough about Him!! Now that you are in the Jesus mindset, pray. 🙏🏽 Pray out loud. Pray about what you read in the Bible this morning. Pray about what you saw on the news. Pray whatever is weighing on your heart. Pray for growth, healing, salvation of a friend or loved one. Just spend time being honest and open with God. Before you know it, the quiet settles in. You are listening to Him. You are spiritually recharged, focused and ready for whatever may come your way. 💪🏼

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