I'm a mess May 05, 2017

In case you're wondering why my eyes are closed in 85% of my pictures, it's because I blinked.
At first it was annoying but eventually I thought it was funny and decided to post them anyway 😂.
I've said it a billion times before, and I'll say it again- I'm a mess.
Today alone was a testament to that. You guys, I had a panic attack over a piece of mail, bruised my lip, spilled soap all over my shirt, got realllll grumpy over the heat, burned my tongue on some too hot spaghetti, walked into my screen door, broke some chip thingy on my computer, and chased a puppy out of the street before I LOST it (it kept running and I cried) 🙈.
And surprisingly, today was a calm day. 😅
I think that leads to one of my favorite things about Jesus.
He was HERE. He had good days and bad days too! He had times when he got angry, He suffered through moments where He felt alone, He fought temptations and He knew all the emotions. But not only that!! He probably burned his feet on the hot desert floor once or twice, enjoyed watching sunsets, fell asleep while fishing, and didn't always like things He built. I bet he had favorite foods and loved the feeling of the warm sun on His face. He probably played fetch with dogs every now and then, told jokes to littles just to hear their giggles, and spilled flour on himself while baking bread with Mary.
He experienced life WITH us. He sat in the brokenness with us and He welcomes us through it. He gave us a chance to bond with Him in ways we never would have been able too.
Jesus knows your mess. He knows your daily struggles and your spiritual battles. He knows your past, your present and your future and He still wants to be with you. How cool is that??!! The King of Kings sees you beyond your mess. He chose you that day on Calvary Hill and He still chooses you. You are so fiercely loved, Christian ♥️

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