Share your faith! You are part of the ministry!! September 16, 2016

Sharing the gospel has never been something I really wanted to do. I know the bible tells us too, but is intimidating. I have seen great evangelists and have found them inspirational and so brave. If I am honest, I also looked at them like they were crazy. Seriously, who wants to put themselves out there like that? You have heard how the world talks behind their backs.
We all know the name calling gets worse.

I know Jesus is my Savior, but I am not sure I know the bible enough to be able to back it up when an atheist attacks. My recall under pressure stinks. My high school teachers from the past I am sure can attest to that! So I remember telling God " I love you but I can't evangelize for You. I am too scared. I don't want to screw it up and turn someone away from You. I will do something else for You though Lord!!"

You know what? I think God chuckled when He heard that. He began equipping me and I did not even know it. It started with bible studies. LOVE THEM!! We would talk about Jesus. I really enjoyed that! I started teaching bible to my kids for school and really diving in deep to the Word with them. It filled me with joy to have conversations about Jesus over cocoa with them!! I was so blessed to see Jesus sparkle in their hearts!! I LOVE to learn more with them about our Savior!! Then MOPS became my ministry. LOVE THE GIRLS!!! Guess what? We would talk about Jesus, I love to talk about Jesus!! I truly LOVE to talk about Jesus!!! He is the ULTIMATE!! No wonder talking about Him makes me so happy!!

So God in His amazing goodness, showed me that talking about Jesus is a joy! So when the people came to my door to teach me about their faith, I confidently swung open the door sure that I knew exactly what to say. Sadly, fear gripped a hold of me and all my glorious thoughts of sharing my King went blank. Ugh. I lifted a silent prayer and asked for the Holy Spirit to use me. I only remember a little bit of what I said that day. I remember inviting her to our church baptism that Sunday. I remember telling her how GLORIOUS Jesus Christ is. I remember telling her how AMAZING it feels to be saved! I told her that I prayed she felt that amazing FORGIVING LOVE, if not now then soon, because it SETS YOU FREE. I remember she left looking confused and has never been back.

I on the other hand, felt stupid that I couldn't remember anything evangelistic before I prayed for help. On the positive side, I did have an overwhelming JUMPING going on in my soul! It was a PURE JOY!! I didn't know what that lady needed to hear, but God did. When I allowed Him to guide the conversation He did all the work!! FABULOUS!!! I loved being a part of that!! Still with all that happy joy I still struggle to go up to strangers and share...but I am obedient & I try. 🌟BUT, if you come up to me and ASK ME about Jesus, that is a completely different story. I will talk your ear off about Jesus! HE IS MY GREATEST LOVE!!!

So how do I get people to come up to me and ask me about Jesus? God brings them. And they know they're supposed to talk to me because I'm the lady that wears the shirts from His print shop.

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