• Friends

    The best gift a friend can give is to be there for you, committed to fight for your joy, to hold your hand in battle and to help keep your focus on & bring you closer to Jesus. It's so hard to find these true friendships too. Even in our church groups it seems that people just want to get together for fun, food and casual conversations. Which is great! Fellowship is wonderful!! But, for the times that are real. The times where we are raw. When we are down to our last moments of being able to hold it all together...this is when you find your real friend. Life is messy. Your friend will see past that. Your life being lifted higher, eased of pain in some way, brought closer to The King is what they want for you. We need to remember as a family of believers that our connections are deeper than blood in our veins. We are connected by blood spilt on a cross. We have been saved by the perfect friend, Jesus. He had to save us before we could ever begin to love some one like He does! He gave the ultimate example of how to to be a good friend. No one is okay on their own. We all need blood bought brothers and sisters who are willing to be friends who will bear burdens for each other. Through the moments of pain and heavy affliction, physical health battles and healing of broken souls, know that Jesus has placed special friends who will be there battling by your side. 

    Best friends make life better.

    Have you ever gotten a new lipstick that is just over the top fabulous? You know, the one that doesn't get on your teeth, stay on your cup or rub off? I got one recently and I have to TELL EVERYONE just how awesome it is!! They have to try it!! 💋❤️ It's human nature. We found something amazing and we want to share about it! Right? Well what about our faith? Are you just as excited to share how incredible it is to have a Savior who died to save us from our sins? Don't be comfortable in your faith. It's not a comfy pair of sweats you put on when you are home for the day. Your faith needs to stand out and shine like bright red lipstick!! We need to remember what God has done for us. Tell people about Father God!! What incredible love He must have for us. He sent His beloved Son to earth and lower himself into flesh to walk among those who He created!! Then He allows Himself, the Great I AM, to have His only Son's precious blood spilt in a horrific way to take the punishment that we deserve. He washed us clean!! By the blood of the Lamb we are saved!! He could not be held down by death, nope! Our magnificent Savior then rose from the dead after 3 days only to come and share more of the gospel with His people before ascending into heaven!! 🙌🏼WOW!! How GREAT is our God?! We SHOULD boast!! Be excited!! He has done great things for us because He loves us!! We need to TALK MUCH ABOUT GOD!!! He is the ULTIMATE GOOD THING!! If you can't share...well then maybe you really don't feel He is all that good...
  • Storms Are Coming


    Sitting on our back porch steps, wrapped up to keep the icy chill off my skin, I am watching the clouds dancing across the sky. Pretty white fluffy puffs of cotton plodding on slowly. The sun peeks through shining on my face bringing me warmth and a smile that can't be contained. Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful gift of beauty! There is a change in the air. I can see there are dark gray smudges of atmosphere that are creeping up quickly under the white clouds. They seem to be gathering more and more and in greater numbers. Behind them in the distance, deep darkness is on the horizon. It is ominous. It crawls slowly but consistently toward my little home. The air has the familiar scent of cold weather and rain filling my nose. You can feel the breeze changing, stronger force having a bit more bite to it. The storm is coming. Little droplets of water are trickling down randomly as if practicing for the impending torrent that is making its way to where I am. I gather my things and head inside my home. I grab a cup of coffee and settle down on the couch, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket, in front of our big window. The rain is pounding out its rant and the wind is answering with a howling reply. The lightening cracks and the thunder shakes the glass in front of me. It's beautiful from the comfort of my warm location. ⛈⚡️🌩When you are out walking or driving in that chaos it's miserable. It is even scary at times! Then you enter your humble abode and relief and peace fill you. You are safe. You are secure. You are home. 🏡 Life is crazy. It's hard. It is filled with storms of trouble and pain. It can seem like there is no way to hide from all the psycho wonky the world offers. There is a safe place we can go. It's to Jesus. When we accept Him into our hearts He opens the door to the safety of His arms. Yes we will still have to go out and brave the storms, but we know that we have The Son to shine His goodness on our face. He will walk beside us and bring an umbrella to ward off the downpour we may be walking in. He will keep our heart safe if we allow Him. Let Him guide you in the ominous dark the world has to offer. Let His light shine in your life!! Be the light that brings others to the safety of His goodness!! Share the Word of The Lord!!

  • Break the Chains

    The enemy is one sneaky sucker.

    That evil thing is just waiting in the shadows to smack us up and down with remorse for past sins. He wants us to feel ashamed, unworthy, unclean and unwanted. He is clearing the pathways of deception for us, welcoming us down the streets filled with failures and heartaches. Oh and he is soooo good at brining those emotional regrets at a time when we are least expecting them. If you are in the middle of that battle right now, I want you to listen to me. Ignore that voice that is uninvited with nothing but negativity to share with you. STOP LISTENING TO THE VOICE THAT CHAINS YOU!! That voice is not God. Now The Father is not happy with your unclean choice of thought, deed or action. That is very true. Know this fact; HE LOVES YOU! God is love. In Isaiah 53:6 it says "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, everyone, to his own way; and the LORD has laid on Him the inequity of us all." God sent His only Son to be the living sacrifice for your sins and mine. Jesus broke the chains that bind you!! When we repent, if we truly mean it, Jesus takes that sin and wipes it clean. Our job is to then go and sin no more. The enemy may trip us and send those thought of wickedness back to try and keep us far from the Lord out of embarrassment and/or shame. Friend please just recognize the thought, take it captive and give it to Jesus.

    Our God is bigger than any fault we may have.


    Let us live for Jesus!!! .

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