• Thank You!

    T H A N K • Y O U
    I am so completely overwhelmed by God's faithfulness! My love for you all has surpassed the brim and is OVERFLOWING! Yesterday, our sweet friend Christa told us about an encounter she had while wearing our old "Strength from Jesus" tee and my heart is so giddy! A young girl approached her yesterday and started a conversation about Jesus! AND THEN while taking pictures in our "Holy Spirit" tee, my sister was approached by a homeless man and the two had a sweet convo discussing favorite verses and how they came to know our Savior. .
    AHHH!! THIS is what we pray for! THIS is why we make these tees! Thank you for being a part of His Print Shop. Thank you for letting us be a part of your heart. .
    What a great honor it is to be a part of these stories and to see God using these shirts, these people for HIS glory! My cup RUNETH over! .
    I'd love to hear how you #plantthemseeds! Always feel free to tag us/email us with any photos or messages you'd love to share with our tees ❤️We're so entirely grateful for you. 

    You are GLORIOUS!
    I just want to shout it here from my back porch this morning! Since it's still pretty dark and my neighbors are probably sleeping...I think I will wait to vocalize that proclamation. Oh but my soul, my soul is jumping with love for You Lord! As I sit here in the still of the early morning chilled sky, under the sparkle of the far away stars, gazing up at the majesty You created, I am awed at Your beautiful design. Your delight and Your power is RIGHT THERE shared with the world, not hidden for only a choice few to experience. You gave the gift of the knowledge of Your EXISTENCE to everyone!! It's in the sparkle of the stars, the rising of the sun and in the wind that runs through the trees. You are in the laughter of children. You are in the quiet when we pray. You are seen when a baby is growing in the womb and You are felt when someone we love takes their first step into eternity. You are in the most precious moments that mean more than anything money could ever buy.
    You are God.
  • Why am I a Christian?


    Ohhhh, honey!! God put this question on my heart a few minutes ago and BOY am I excited! I don't get asked this very much anymore, but when I do, someone usually end up losing an ear since I talked it off.  
    Why am I a Christian? Because I found a love that touched my soul, a love beyond words, a love that never dies. Because through Him I found purpose. Because through Him I've learned to experience life, the good and the bad, with complete, genuine joy. Because He taught me how to stand in the darkness and not only find the Light, but how to be it. He's taken my burdens, my sins, my heartaches and replaced them with forgiveness, grace and strength. He's shown me patience. He's opened my eyes to forever and how the impossible IS possible. 
    How utterly AMAZING it is to get to celebrate our God every day. I am so in love with the God of the Bible. He is my rock and my redeemer. He is my hope and my fortress. My creator and my savior. 
    Seriously, His love is immeasurable. I am constantly astounded. The fact that He offers US the opportunity to know Him so freely blows my mind. What a mighty, mighty God we serve and what a honor it is to share Him. 

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