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    Isn't this the cutest?? She just shines in her shirt!! Shines for JESUS!!! Thank you for letting us share your picture @evry1luvsariel! ((BIG HUGS)) 

    This was my theme yesterday. I was so crazy blessed, prayers for friends were fulfilled in such a magnificent way...only God can take what you pray for and make it so MUCH MORE!! I am still so emotional. His mercy and love for us is true and pure. These friends have walked through such a long painful trial, to yesterday be able to have JOY come to them!! Thank You God!! Oh goodness, I am still crying. I have been praising Him since I found out!! 🙌🏽🙏🏽 I am so glad He knows my heart, because my words are a jumbled mess filled with excitement, praise, joy...I don't even know the words for all the emotions filling my soul!! 💕These past couple of years, I have been honored to pray for some amazing friends. They have had physical/health/life trials that have been severely intense. These friends looked to God first. They sang praise to Him through their storms. They have encouraged and blessed me without knowing it, as I watched them turn to Jesus through it all. They grabbed on to His hand, some days with all they had left, just to get through one more day. He was so faithful to keep them afloat. Then to see these precious friends, come out from these places of sorrow and desolation, to see them run right into the blessing the Lord had for them at the end that is SO MUCH MORE than what we had ever thought to pray for them!!! I am so thankful.
    Prayer works. Don't be afraid to ask others to pray with you and for you. You matter. Your needs matter. Nothing is to small, unimportant, to big or to hard for our God. Do you need prayer? I would be more than honored to pray for you too. Be blessed today by His abundant goodness my friends!! xo
  • Be Bold


    Faith OVER fear!! Punch that devil in the face and show him who's boss! He holds NO POWER over you unless you give it to him. Be BOLD in your walk today, friends!! Your strength comes from Him! 👊🏼🙌🏼 .
    PS how cute is my not-so little sister?

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