TELL EVERYONE!! February 24, 2017

Have you ever gotten a new lipstick that is just over the top fabulous? You know, the one that doesn't get on your teeth, stay on your cup or rub off? I got one recently and I have to TELL EVERYONE just how awesome it is!! They have to try it!! 💋❤️ It's human nature. We found something amazing and we want to share about it! Right? Well what about our faith? Are you just as excited to share how incredible it is to have a Savior who died to save us from our sins? Don't be comfortable in your faith. It's not a comfy pair of sweats you put on when you are home for the day. Your faith needs to stand out and shine like bright red lipstick!! We need to remember what God has done for us. Tell people about Father God!! What incredible love He must have for us. He sent His beloved Son to earth and lower himself into flesh to walk among those who He created!! Then He allows Himself, the Great I AM, to have His only Son's precious blood spilt in a horrific way to take the punishment that we deserve. He washed us clean!! By the blood of the Lamb we are saved!! He could not be held down by death, nope! Our magnificent Savior then rose from the dead after 3 days only to come and share more of the gospel with His people before ascending into heaven!! 🙌🏼WOW!! How GREAT is our God?! We SHOULD boast!! Be excited!! He has done great things for us because He loves us!! We need to TALK MUCH ABOUT GOD!!! He is the ULTIMATE GOOD THING!! If you can't share...well then maybe you really don't feel He is all that good...

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