Up Close and Personal October 06, 2016

I need glasses to see.

Not that I expect you to care about my vision issues, but it is a fact about me. I have at times thought it was such a hinderance, because if I want to drive, put on the glasses. I want to watch tv, put on the glasses. See something on the other side of the room, put on the glasses. When I got older, I got contacts!! Yeah baby! Put those little corrective suckers right smack on my eyeballs and vision without reaching for my glasses!!

I started to forget how to see blurry.

I spent many years living for my contacts. As soon as I woke up, those suckers went in my eyes till I laid down to sleep. Clear vision was awesome!! Until one day when I had ripped a contact while it was on my eyeball and kinda lost a piece of the contact somewhere in my eye...but that is another story. Point being, I couldn't wear my contacts and was back to glasses. 👓 Ugh.

You know what? It was a blessing. Now, if I wasn't wearing my glasses, and my kids wanted to show me something, they had to get close. If I wanted to see something specific, I had to get up close. If I wanted to do most things, I did better if it was up close. I needed to be UP CLOSE in my personal space, to function with the most important people to me. Funny how this lack of corrective eyewear brought me closer physically to the people in my life that matter most!!

God knew way back when I was being formed, this is how He wanted me to be. He CREATED ME to be an UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Christian. He knew that is how I would come to Him, that I need that type of intimate relationship with Him to grow closer and deeper in my faith. Not only with Him but with the amazing people He has put in my life! 🤓 My vision is not horrible without my glasses, everyone is just fuzzy. God knew I needed to be close to see them clearly, for the good or the bad they might have to offer me. He did not make me to see people from far away. I was made to serve Him, being His hands and feet, not watching from a distance. Some days being that close is so painful. It makes it easier for others to hurt my soul or physical me...but the joy He brings on those days that are unexpected, from the UP CLOSE & PERSONAL relationships He has put in my life make it all worth it!! The joy would never be as grand without the closeness.

So I am rejoicing in my fuzzy vision. Thankful for the direction the Lord has set my path. Thankful for the daily reminder to be UP CLOSE & PERSONAL not only with Him but as His faithful servant. I love you God.

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