We are the church. September 14, 2016

This morning I stubbed my toe and it HURT. It was the kind of pain that shoots straight up your leg and your vision goes all white.

I'll be honest with you-the first words that slipped from my mouth weren't the prettiest. They weren't even in the same realm as pretty. In fact a couple of them were downright UGLY.

My pain dissipated rather quickly as I was instantly condemned. Which, in a way, was a lot more painful than stubbing my toe. All I could think of was "would you ever say these words in church?" Growing up my mama would have washed my mouth out with soap or smacked me straight across the head for that kind of talk. Of course I wouldn't say those words in church! I wouldn't even dream of speaking so carelessly! Then God reminded me that I AM THE CHURCH.

Oh, let me tell you, my heart DROPPED. Nope. I was pegged. I was condemned the the nth degree.

Now, I've never been too interested in cursing. But I often will use variations or something cheesy along those lines. What I have forgotten is that God is ALWAYS around. He hears and sees what I am doing regardless of where I am. And that I am supposed to be a representation of His kingdom.

Christian, our mouth has barriers. We can bite our tongue, catch the words between our teeth, or press or lips together. Bible warns us not only to guard our heart and our thoughts, but also our tongues! Now, I understand my convictions are my own and this is my lesson, but I pray that you consider this in your heart. What we say is just as important as our actions.
"Whoever guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles." Proverbs 21:23

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