WayMaker December 05, 2017

He is our WAYMAKER 🙌🏼 A friend of mine is going through a truly difficult season right now, yet her eyes are always lifted high! She is so amazing. I see her praising as she makes her way through her storm. She has faith that our King will make a way for her. In His perfect timing she and her beautiful family are trusting in Him with each step they take. Some days have been so hard too. Her burden so heavy. As a friend I did what I could, which was not a lot, but I could pray. Others did the same. I know we all wanted to jump in and change the situation but God had a plan. So prayers began. Lifting this family up, was such a joy! Praying and seeing their blessings through their trials has been heartwarming. God is so good. Yesterday He opened a HUGE path for them!! He MADE A WAY where there was none!! All praise hands lifted high!! YES!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! 


Yes Jesus is our WAYMAKER. He loves to use us to be His hands and feet too. I want to challenge you this season to be a WAYMAKER for someone else. It's the season of giving. What can you do to bring someone joy? Here is the catch, don't take any glory for yourself, leave it all for God. I am suggesting send a prayer to someone you know is struggling signed #WAYMAKER. Send a pizza dinner from #WAYMAKER to a stressed out college student. GET CREATIVE!! Leave a $5 with #WAYMAKER written on it at the service station pump! Let's find ways to make a difference!! Let's live to be part of His plan!! Let's help make a way for others!! Who is with me 🙋🏽

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