Aimee Bradleigh | About Me



Hi, I'm Aimee & I help pray over, design and package your tees!

I decided to give this a try not only because I adore fun facts, but also to let you know a little more about me! I don't know if these are particularly interesting, but I tried to make it as honest and real as possible :) 


  1. I can't keep a plant alive for anything. Joanna Gaines would probably have nightmares about me. I recently made the mistake of buying the sweetest, little-potted ivy and it didn't even survive the week. It's the saddest thing ever.
  2. I write the evening devotionals for His Print Shop and I take a majority of the images around here. When I was a teenager I had hoped to become either a photographer or a writer. I can’t rightfully express just how grateful I am for the opportunity to pursue both my passions within this ministry. I am forever in awe of the Lord and how perfectly He orchestrates everything. God is too neat.
  3. Serving in Children’s Ministry is easily one of the best things ever, and if it’s been on your heart I 100% recommend it. Children are at times exhausting and overwhelming, but they are so worth it. Their giggles are the cutest and there is nothing more precious than the opportunity to see littles love Jesus so enthusiastically!
  4. I once had a bald spot for three months thanks to an oopsie with Veet. Earlier this year, I had another oopsie but this time I lost a chunk of my eyebrow. I'm a hot mess.
  5. I didn't start driving until I was nineteen. I had witnessed a few devastating accidents as a kid and I was absolutely horrified to get behind the wheel. It's still not one of my favorite things.
  6. I love complimenting people. It makes my heart happy to see the way something as simple as authenticity can make someone's eyes light up or put the sweetest shy smile on their face. People are just too stinkin’ cute.
  7. My all-time favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 16:9.
  8. I basically live in sneakers. I have three of the exact same pair. I wear them with absolutely everything.
  9. I don't have one clue how to do my makeup. The amount of hours I've put in over the years watching makeup tutorials should have made a difference but I still end up with mascara on my eyelids somehow.
  10. I’m always late. I have no idea how to be on time. It’s almost normal for me to be anywhere from five to fifteen minutes behind.
  11. Simple or handmade gifts are my favorite. My dear friend bought me my favorite cereal once and I cried. I CRIED.
  12. I'm a scatterbrain. I can't stay on one subject. One minute we can be talking about your shoes and the next I'll end up asking how your grandmother is. I don’t really get it either hahaha.
  13. I'm the easiest person to scare. Ever.
  14. I'm all heart eyes for sleep. Gimme all the naps.
  15. This girl is crazy about Snickers. Buy me a Snickers and I'm yours. Seriously, it's that easy.